I am a lifestyle domme, have attended clubs ever since I was of age, and am continually exploring. I'm personally interested in fetish and enjoy engaging in the many nuances of domination and sadism; spending time with eager submissive or masochistic individuals, male or female, is always a pleasure.  I enjoy the softer side of domination:  stockings, restraints, and playful power exchange, to some of the more intense aspects.  I enjoy getting to know regular players and exploring the depths of their more taboo desires together.  This can even include play at a public venue or with another dominant companion.

I make it a priority to continually educate myself on the many aspects of sensual play and risk reduction. I play consensually and I always use safe words.  I use the "traffic light system":  yellow means "slow down" and red means "stop".

When contacting me please give me an indication of your desires or curiosities and I'll be sure to tell you more about my particular interests.